Friday, January 14, 2011


Here is the cover I shot for Inked magazine Australia. The back drop is a series of photo's that Tal has taken over the past few years. They were printed then wheat pasted to a wall. 
Here is a short intro written by Vanessa Morgan the editor of the magazine. she is super rad, thumbs up.

We spent the day with UFC fighter Josh Koscheck. It was such a great day, we watched him train for a bit, ate some lunch, Then went to a ranch to shoot some crazy guns. We all put up 20 bucks in a shooting contest, which Tal won. A real sniper., thats joshes site, he is a super cool dude and amazing fighter.  

We went to vegas and lived the good life. Didier bungee jumped of the stratosphere which was insane, we also went out on the town, Tal took us to visit his friends club in the Encore called XS, it was insane.  

Ruby Rose is TV presenter, DJ and MTV Personailty, she also happens to be really good friends with Didier. She was in Los Angeles while we were working on the project, So her and Didier got tattoed by Norm and we went and watched hypercrush play. She was really nice and fun to hang with. 

Shot some photos of Hypercrush which was really cool. I think by learning about thier tattoos I was able to get to know them better. They have been killing it over the last couple of years and I am super excited for the things to come.  Mucho passion and respect to the bunch of kool cats. Check them out. 

Didier wrote a story on me which I found super cool. I really got to know Didier through this project, which doesn't happen very often but when it does it so great. We were very lucky to cross paths and help eachother when we needed to. Homies for life. doggie 

Tal is a big reason why this whole thing came together. He is such a people person and good dude. It was really nice to get to know a guy who I had heard so much about. He takes some rad photos and has a cool blog. check it out.

Well thats is all the photos I shot for Inked . Here are a few more photos that I liked that didnt make it in the mag. 

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