Monday, February 7, 2011

Georgia #1

Everything about georgia reminds me of my dad. Especially the woods, This state is covered in dense trees that are soo beautiful. 

A portrait of myself 


soo many amazing churches everywhere. 

Alaina, Joan and aunt Joanne.  Its been great getting back in touch with family
that I havent seen in years. 


  1. Love the pics, Misty's swing,the more!!

  2. Michael, I am sitting on a cloud right now. I'm am seriously so happy that you and Steve have finally gotten back to our Georgian roots. You two needed it. I KNOW it's hard being reminded canstanly of him, but it also can bring great healing to out hearts getting in touch with what Dad came from. Love you brother. The pictures are amazing, and I can almost say where EACH one is taken! Woohoo!